Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Shaving for Movember!

"raising money" means to collect money for charity (Picture from
Last year a lot of you saw that I raised money for charity in Argentina by learning 1000 new Spanish words in a month. Unfortunately, with my work and my university studies I don’t have time to learn 1000 more words but I am doing something a little easier this month. 

This month I have shaved off my beard and started growing a moustache. This has changed my appearance remarkably and a few people think I look very funny now but this is all to raise awareness and raise money for research into testicular and prostate cancer.

I am very grateful to my school and my colleagues. A few of them, including my friend Michael, are growing moustaches as well, many others will be donating money. For more information, read more (and see pictures) about it on my school’s blog.

If you want to donate then follow this link.

I’ll keep you posted with photo updates. :-D


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