I've added this page because some students have asked me about help preparing to retake IELTS. Obviously, if you have never taken IELTS before then you really need to do a course (I know a great school in Portsmouth, England that you might want to consider - just tell them I sent you ;-) ) but for some of you who have already done IELTS and need to take it again, you might not want to spend too much time or money on another course.

So here is a list of resources for IELTS to consider if you want to try some self-study. I welcome any comments and suggestions. :-)

Great Sites

Dominic Cole's IELTS Blog - This is a brilliant website with lots of resources. I would definitely spend some time looking around this website, trying out some of the exercises and adding it to your favourites.

IELTS Exams - This site covers all the parts of the IELTS exam and gives a lot of Academic Task 1 & Task 2 examples for you to read and learn from. There are a few advertisements on this site. I usually hate websites that have lots of advertisements but the ads are not too distracting on this website.

IELTS Blog - This site, like IELTS Exams, covers all four parts of the exam. There are a few more advertisements on this site so the pages are very full it is sometimes not easy to follow the writing. However, despite this it is definitely worth looking around.

Rliberni's Blog: Radical Language - This is a list of 10 tips (suggestions) for IELTS preparation. Berni Wall's blog in general is a great resource for learners and again, a great website to explore to improve your English.

The World of IELTS - Another brilliant resource from Berni Wall.  This is a collection of exercises which regularly changes.  Highly recommended.

Help for Writing

IELTS Melbourne - This website has lots of example questions (no example answers unfortunately) for the IELTS General Training writing task. These will at least give you a focus for what you need to prepare for.

IELTS Writing - Studying for IELTS - This is a great idea that I might try with some students in the future - a blog about preparing for IELTS written by students who are preparing for IELTS. They describe it as "Various essays and links concerning IELTS by two future candidates, Thanasis and Nikolas (Heraklion, Greece)". This is IELTS from the students perspective and certainly worth visiting.

If It Were My Home - This is not a specific IELTS website but if you want some more help with the comparatives and statistical data that is part of Academic Task 1 then 5 or 10 minutes on this website is definitely a good idea. It's also an interesting website in general! :-)

A Teacher's Odyssey: Tips for Successful English - If you want to remember how to write an IELTS essay, then there are over 60 sample essays with feedback notes. VERY useful.

Help for Speaking

IELTS Speaking - This small website from Splendid Speaking is a good resource for examples and explanations of the 3 different parts of the speaking exam.

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