Monday, November 19, 2012

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Phonetic Film Quiz #10

I have changed the way I do the Phonetic Quizzes now.  You can now find all of the quizzes on this page and you can find all the answers as well.  I will also put the answers on that page at the same time as the quizzes so you don't need to wait.  I think this is probably much more helpful for people.

Anyway, this week is a Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) movie from the 1970s.  I've given you the main characters (not the actors).  Can you figure out which movie it is?  Enjoy!

/'əʊbɪːwɒn kə'nəʊbiː/

/lʊːk 'skɑɪwɔːkə/

/hæn 'səʊləʊ/




/dɑːθ 'veɪdə/

/'prɪnses 'leɪə/


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