Friday, November 30, 2012

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Open Dyslexic Fonts

  1. Wikipedia Article on Dyslexia
  2. Telegraph Article on Dyslexics in Britain
  3. Open Dyslexic Free Fonts
If you want this on your word processor (like Microsoft Word) then you can follow these instructions.
  • Download the Open Dyslexic Fonts (click here
  • If you are using Windows, open the Open Dyslexic folder, select the 4 files and copy them. Then go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts (if you can’t find Fonts, switch to ‘Classic View’). Now paste the 4 files into this folder. 
  • If you open Microsoft Word, you should see the Open Dyslexic font as one of the options. 
If you want this on your iPhone or iPad, then follow this link.

If you want to put this on your computer, then follow these instructions.

Hope this helps some people.


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