Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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People you should be following, pt 2 (Facebook)

Facebook can provide you with lots of help with your English! Most people reading this probably have a Facebook account and if you are serious about learning English then Facebook can definitely help you.

First of all, put your Facebook in English! From experience, I know you will quickly learn some new and useful vocabulary. Just go to Account>Account Settings>Language.

However, Facebook can help you much more than that. There are lots of organizations, websites, teachers and groups on Facebook that have lots to teach and share with you. Here are a few suggestions:

Pages for Lessons & Activities

The Facebook pages for Flo-Joe PET (Preliminary English)Flo-Joe FCE (First Certificate), Flo-Joe CAE (Advanced English) and Flo-Joe CPE (Proficiency English) are well-organized and always have something new on them. They are great ways to get daily advice and lessons in preparation for the Cambridge exams. You will receive daily information with new vocabulary and providing mini-tests so that you are improving your English every day!

The page is another well-organized page that is updated regularly (meaning there is new content posted regularly). ‘Liking’ this page will ‘keep you up-to-date’ (give you new, regular information) with all the latest lessons and activities.

I’ve mentioned PhraseMix before (you will see mini PhraseMix lessons on the right column of this blog) but there is also PhraseMix on Facebook. If you ‘like’ this then you will see the daily English phrase on in your News Feed each day.

I love the BBC! They provide SO much for learners of English. You can see it all and ‘keep up-to-date’ with everything they are producing for free to help learners of English improve. Just like the BBC Learning English page to get started.

The Speaking English Podcast page is something I found recently but it looks like a great resource for listening. There are over 160 short videos (2-4 minutes long) focusing on pronunciation and spoken English in general. As I mentioned, it looks like a great little resource for your listening skills and to improve pronunciation in difficult areas.

You can also ‘keep up with’ (meaning to follow) this blog on the Understanding How We Learn Page. ;-)

Pages for English Discussion

The English Speaking Club connects you with over 45,000 people interested in improving their English. There are lots of discussions with learners around the world. You can join, learn from others and teach others as well and perhaps make a few new, international friends.

Learn English as Second Language is a smaller group, about 5000 people, but it also has a community of friendly people wanting to use their English with anybody and everybody.

Other Pages

These are some pages of people/organizations I recommended in my previous Twitter article: Spotlight Radio, Voice of America, Learn Pre-Intermediate English as a Foreign LanguageIntermediate English as a Foreign Language, Advanced Learners of EFL/ESL.

In the next 'following' article I will give a few recommendations for English on YouTube.  Let me know what you think and feel free to make some more suggestions!


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