Friday, June 10, 2011

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Other Things I've Done for Charity

Recognize the guy in these photos? Yes, this is me doing some silly things for charity; specifically, shaving off a long pony-tail and doing a 10k run in a kilt - it's NOT a skirt! :-)

So by now, you have probably seen my video post about my 'sponsored learning'. I just wanted to give you a bit more information about my motivation for this. I've decided to do this to:
  • Improve my Spanish.
  • Raise money for Asociación Promover in Gualeguaychú, part of the Argentinian Fundación Conin
  • Hopefully inspire you with your language learning.
  • Maybe inspire you with your fundraising efforts for other charities around the world (a lot of people need help).
  • Investigate how effective memorization for language learning can be.
  • Share my experiences with memorization as I work on this.
  • Show what great progress is possible with a little effort (I hope).
  • Improve your English as well (I'll share my difficult words with you so even if you don't speak Spanish, you might learn some new English vocabulary).
I'll post later today or tomorrow to give you a summary of some problem words I'm having and my feelings about the memorization so far.

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