Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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No New Post Today

If anybody has noticed, I usually post a new article every Wednesday.  However this week I do not have time to put an article onto the blog because I am too busy preparing for my 1000 Charity Challenge.  Take a look at other posts from this month to see my progress: About Raising Money for Charity, 1000 Challenge UpdateSMART Goals and The Final Week.

Thank you for all the notes of support and links to websites to help me find my vocabulary.

Don't forget about this blog!  In July we will look at some more websites for listening practice (continuing my recommendations from this previous post), some suggestions about useful people to follow on Twitter, some more recommendations about other websites that will help you improve your English and we might look at some phrasal verbs and ways to learn them.  Also, I hope that there will be a guest post (an article from somebody else)... but I'm keeping that a secret at the moment. :-)  Keep watching the blog to find out more.

I'll also try to post a video of Friday's event as soon as possible.

Wish me luck!


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