Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Sounds: The Pronunciation App (App Recommendation #1)

I've recently upgraded to an iPhone and it is BRILLIANT!  This the first proper smartphone I've had and I'm slowly learning about apps.

Therefore, I've made a new 'tag' for my blog - App Recommendations.  Just like my Blog Recommendations, Book Recommendations and Useful Website Recommendations, I will tell you about useful apps for learning English as and when I find them.

Today, I want to recommend Sounds: The Pronunciation App.  It helps you to learn the phonetics by providing a FREE interactive phonetic chart.

It takes this:

and makes it this:

I've found it very useful in the classroom and I know some of my students have already started to use it to improve their pronunciation.

If you are interested, follow this QR code (or visit, download it and try it for yourself.


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