Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Phonetic Film Quiz #3

Here are the actors from a very popular movie that had two sequels. All the movies are from the 2000s.  Can you identify these actors from the phonetic spelling of their names?

/’dʒɔ:dʒ ‘klu:ni:/

/bræd pɪt/

/mæt ‘deɪmən/

/’dʒu:lɪj ‘rɒbɜ:ts/

/’ændɪ ga:si:ə/

Here are the answers.

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  1. Gordon....I'm watching Titanic for the hundredth time. However....This time I'm watching in original language. AahuAHUAhhaUUa...You would be proud of me....on not???????????????????????????????????????? :)



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