Friday, July 8, 2011

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Laugh at me on YouTube

At the moment I am editing the video of my recent charity event.  For this reason I started to look at the other videos I have posted on YouTube.  You might have seen them already... but have you watched them with the English subtitles?

Believe me, the subtitles make the experience a bit... different, and it makes me think I need to speak more clearly the next time I make a video for this blog! :-)

Simply follow one of the links below to play one, or all, of the videos in YouTube.  At the bottom of the video you should see a button that says "CC".  Click on it and select "Transcribe Audio".  Then sit back, watch and listen, and see if you can understand what I am saying better than YouTube can. :-)

SMART Goals for the 1000 Challenge (from mid June)

Personal Challenge for Charity‬‏ (from early June)

Blog Introduction‬‏ (from early March - my hair and beard are MUCH shorter in this video!)

Enjoy - some of the errors are quite funny.  Have a good weekend!


I don't remember saying that, I don't know what it means...
but I like it! :-P


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