Friday, March 25, 2011

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RSS, Blogs and My 'New' Internet

Ok, this isn't about learning.  Well, it kind of is.  This is about how my internet experience has changed radically in the last month.  What do I mean by radically... I mean a LOT and in a BIG way.

You have probably seen this little icon (or picture) many, many, many times.

What is it?
Well it is an RSS feed.

What's that?
I don't know... but I know what it can do.

I think I am pretty good at using computers but I have only just started using this facility and now I understand more about the learning opportunities of the internet.

Here is a video that explains it very clearly in a much better way than I can.

So now I can follow many different blogs, websites, podcasts, news sites, etc. Now I can follow all these different places on the internet and I know that I will not miss anything.  Try it and see how much more you can enjoy and learn from the internet... and in less time!


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