I'm not teaching much First Certificate or Cambridge Advanced English at the moment but I still see good websites, tweeters (people on Twitter) and good teachers posting excellent content to help students to pass these Cambridge exams.

The Flo-Joe website is an amazing resource for many of the Cambridge exams; PETFCECAE and CPE.  The content is always well-organized and updated regularly. Flo-Joe is a great way to get daily advice and lessons in preparation for the Cambridge exams and you can follow Flo-Joe on Twitter as well as on Facebook: Flo-Joe PET (Preliminary English)Flo-Joe FCE (First Certificate), Flo-Joe CAE (Advanced English) and Flo-Joe CPE (Proficiency English).

Claudia Ceraso's 'The FCE Blog' has SO much content and is definitely the first blog to visit for help with the First Certificate exam.  You can follow Claudia on Twitter and you can read 5 years of blog posts about the exam!

Simon's FCE Blog is not being updated at the moment but there is still a lot of really useful content on the site that focuses on the writing component of First Certificate exam.

Marcela Gomez's blog, Absolute FCE, is another blog filled with content and links.  Marcela absolutely loves English and is obviously very dedicated to her students.  A great person to follow on twitter if you want more help with the First Certificate exam.

To get a general idea of the CAE exam the best place to visit is, of course, the Cambridge CAE website.  If you are not sure about anything concerning the Advanced English exam then you will probably find the answer there.

Keep coming back to this page for more links and more help for the FCE and CAE exams.

Useful Videos

These two videos from Mansion Ingles are great examples of the First Certificate speaking exam that give you a clear idea about what to expect.


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